Best SEO Tips for Ecommerce Website

Best SEO Tips for Ecommerce Website


Customers can easily discover your e-commerce website if it ranks higher on Google search Engines. It would be a big failure to have the best products, but your website does not appear on Google’s first page. 

For this, you need to follow different strategies and SEO techniques that help to rank higher in Google SERPs and make your website visible to your target. The more traffic you are getting, the more likely you are to make conversions. 

To optimize your e-commerce website best, Follow these tips to increase your online sales. 

Website Structure is the Key

A well-structured and responsive website design helps to rank high on Google SERPs and raises the chance of sales on your website. There are various things that enhance the structure of your e-commerce website, but breadcrumb navigation and URLs are significant for your online sales.  

Breadcrumb navigation is secondary navigation that is present at the top of the page. It helps users to conveniently locate their location exactly where they are without going to check the URL. 

The second website structure optimization is to clean URLs. Clean URLs indicate that URL slug should be readable for visitors. For example

Here is a messy URL:

Here is what a clean URL looks like:

Use Efficient Keywords

Exploring the right keywords is the solution to rank your e-commerce website on the Google Search Engine. For the best outcome, do some deep research on keywords and choose the ones that suit your activity. Long-tail keywords are helpful to rank your e-commerce website high on particular niches where your competitors are not already. These keywords not only attract the targeted audience but also improve your conversion rate. 

Optimize Product And Category Pages

Writing compelling headlines, eye-catching categories, and product descriptions have an immense influence on your conversion rate. That is why it is essential to write unique and appealing product/category descriptions with relevant keywords to make them more Google-friendly.

Optimize Your Product Images

As we all know that e-commerce websites rely on images. The images must be high quality, unique and compelling. But, having high-quality images is not essential when you need bots to discover them. Images on a website have an immense impact as it helps to drive more traffic on your website.

Ensure that you set ALT text and title on all website images. These ALT texts must be your relevant and unique keywords.

Add Sitemap.xml to Search Console

Many popular e-commerce websites generate sitemap.xml automatically because it’s essential to add sitemap.xml to Google Search Console. Sitemap.xml contains all the important pages of your e-commerce website and informs Google to crawl and index all the website pages to their database. 

Avoid Duplicate Content

Always keep in mind that duplicate content is a dangerous enemy when it comes to an e-commerce website. Ecommerce websites mostly face this issue because they deal with a lot of product and category descriptions. Product descriptions are often given by the sellers, and sellers sell those products also to different websites. To fix these issues, you need to be very careful about product descriptions and remove duplicates if possible. 

Other Things Need to be Followed

Other than the above points, you need to follow the below points to get the best results:

  • Remove broken Links
  • Improve Website speed
  • Improve Usability
  • Make your website HTTPS
  • Internal linking with related products


With the above e-commerce SEO tips, you can increase your product sales and organic growth. But, one thing to keep in mind is that organic SEO takes months to rank high on Google. So be patient.  

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