Google Analytics is Most Important Digital Analytic Software

Google Analytics is no doubt the most popular monitoring tool used by millions of people around the globe. If you’re operating an online website or business then you might be familiar with it. However, there’re still millions of websites that are not using Google Analytics to monitor traffic and audience behaviour on their website.
Being a reputed SEO professional, we ensure that your website is completely synced with your website. This guide will let you connect Analytics with your website and start monitoring your website. Here’s why you need it?

Importance of Google Analytics:

Do you want to review Google Statistics to monitor your website performance? If yes, you need to integrate Google Analytics into your website. Here’s what you can monitor through Google Analytics:

  • Number of people visits your website
  • Location of visitors
  • Mobile-friendliness of your website
  • Referring websites (from which website visitor visits your website.
  • Marketing strategies that drive more traffic to your website.
  • Popular Pages of your website
  • Visitors that are converted into profitable leads.
  • Website speed
  • Bounce Rate
  • Blog content that drives more traffic

There are countless benefits of integrating Analytics account to your website. Apart from this, here’s how you can set up a Google Analytics account.

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How to Setup Google Analytics Account:

Before setting up Google Analytics for your website, you need to make sure, you have got an active Analytics account. For creating Google Analytics Account, you need to go to Google Analytics website with your primary Google account or Gmail account.

First Step: Setup Property and Account

After creating your Google Account, you need to go to the Google Analytics website and hit the Sign Into Google Analytics button. Once, you login successfully, you’ll see three different steps that must be completed to create your Analytics account.
Click on Sign Up Button appearing on the right side to add information about your website.
You need to add information that is asked in the form. It’s to be noted that you can have up to 100  Analytics account under on Gmail or Google account.

Second Step: Add Tracking Code

Once you setup your analytics account, you need to get the tracking code from your Analytics account. After copying your tracking code, you need to paste the tracking code into your website’s header or website page headers.
You must ensure that either you or your website developer is adding the tracking code into the website’s header file in heading tag.

Integrate Google Analytics Via Plugin:

Countless plugins allow you to integrate or connect your website with Analytics. If you’re thinking to try a plugin for gathering Google Stats then we’d recommend you install Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress website.
The plugin automatically connects your website with Google Analytics and allows you to view your monthly website traffic and all other stats on your website’s page.

Set Goals:

Once your Analytics is connected with your website, you need to set up goals for your website traffic. The analytics stats will let you know about the possible leads or a contact that submitted contact information.
After confirmation of lead, you can just display a customized “Thank you” to let them your customers, you’re always active to respond to their queries.
In a nutshell, integration of Google Analytics is important as it provides you with enough data to make result-oriented SEO and marketing strategies.

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