Google My Business is Essential for Local SEO

Nowadays, having a digital presence is as much important as a physical store or office. Similarly, if you’re planning to create an impactful online digital presence then Google My Business account is important for you.
A business google account allows you to come up on top of Google Search Results when someone searches for your services. This effective tool offers the same benefit to both small and large businesses. This article will brief you on why you need a Google my Business account and how to set up?

Why Google My Business Account is Important?

It’s important to have a Business listing Google account for the following reasons:

Discoverable Online Business:

Everything is going online, none of us want to operate a business limited to a certain city or town. Online shops and stores are becoming more popular and this is what, Google My Business is known for.
You can certainly increase web traffic, get sales, and boost net income by ranking your Google Business. It also helps you in doing local SEO and creating strategies to create brand awareness.

High Customer Engagement:

Your online presence can increase your customer engagement and let them know, you’re offering services even when they’re in their home. When someone searches for your business on Google then make sure to provide them with valid information.
Your online business listing must include contact information, business hours, days per week, and other essential information.

Increase Customer Confidence:

Your online Google Business Listing creates brand awareness and ensures people see your business as an effective brand. Do remember, when someone hears about your business, he/she wastes no time in searching for your business in Google. Once they find you on Google, they trust you and acquire your services without further investigation.

Setting Up a Google My Business Account:

It’s very easy to create a Google profile. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Sign Up Google Account:

Go to Google My Business Website and create your account. Sign in if you already have an account and continue to the next step.
Note: It’s always suggested to sign up with your business domain.

  • Add Business Information:

Enter your business information such as your business name. If your business doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu then click on “Add your business to Google” link below.

  • Enter Your Business Location:

If your business has a physical location then click on the “Yes” option and adds your business address. You can also list an area where you’re operating your business.

  • Add Contact Information:

You need to add your business contact information to ensure that your customers can contact you when they need your services. You need to add a business phone number, website address, and other essential information.

  • Finish Google Business Listing Setup and Manage your Business Listing:

If you want to receive notifications and updates then click on the Yes button. Then click on the Finish button to finish the setup. You’ll then have to verify your business.
Not Sure?
How to verify your business? Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Business Google account.
  • Make sure to choose the correct Google Business Account if you have multiple accounts.
  • Select a way to verify your account by phone or email. You need to receive Postcard by mail then sign in again and verify location by entering the five-digit verification code mentioned in Postcard.

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