How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic through SEO


Do you have an online store but not gaining as much organic traffic as you would like? Does your eCommerce store have a limited number of customers? Well, We are here to help you get organic traffic, leads and generate revenue with a specific target audience. 

Getting organic traffic is one of the most significant objectives for any eCommerce store. Organic search results generate more than 50% of website traffic and 40% of online revenue. With the help of organic SEO, you can get organic traffic at a lower cost. 

Let us discover how online stores can drive organic traffic through Google SEO service.

On-page SEO for E-commerce

On-page SEO optimizes each page content of your e-commerce website. Here are the main methods to do that;

  • Keyword Research

The most effective strategy that helps to get a targeted audience to your website is to use targeted keywords in your content. Using the top-trending relevant keywords provides you with a direction to what your industry should focus more upon. The keywords should be placed accurately into your homepage content, product pages, and your blog posts as well. Also, you must understand the buyer’s persona that you want to target and discover their interests or questions regarding your products.

  • E-commerce Product Descriptions

Write eye-catching and appealing product descriptions for your eCommerce website. Try to add words like Free Shipping, SALE or Discounts to draw more attention.

  • E-commerce SEO Voice Search

Nowadays, users search in a conversational method like What is the cost of product X and google also promotes human voice. So, it’s now significant to optimize your eCommerce website according to SEO Voice search. The product descriptions and content should be written in a friendly conversational manner.

Research Your Competitors Activities

You need to be fully aware of your competitors’ activities and the keywords they are ranking for. Thousands of tools are available on the internet that helps to view the competitors’ pages like page authority and domain authority.

If you want to compete with highly ranked competitor keywords, then it’s not worth your time to rank the exact keywords against them. Alternatively, try using unique keywords that you believe would be tangible in pursuing your competitors and outranking them. When you’ve identified your website keywords, the next step is to assign keywords to their relevant pages that you would like them on. Try not to organize your pages and keywords and ensure that you don’t have multiple pages on your website using the exact keywords to rank.

SEO Website Architecture

The eCommerce website structure is the most important factor that attracts users to your website. Some key factors to optimize your website architecture include;

  • Website Structure

The website structure should be user-friendly and easy to use. All your products must be categorized well so that every user can easily explore and discover their relevant product. The 3-click-rule should be applied, which means not to click more than three times to return back to the home page.

  • Internal Linking Structure

Implement internal linking SEO factors on your website by linking all the valued products on different pages. This is another fundamental SEO method to optimize your website.

  • Mobile-friendly Version

In the tech world, the mobile user ratio is 67.03%, and it predicts that in 2023 this number will increase to 7.33 billion. Keeping in mind that ratio, ensure that your website should be mobile-friendly so that anyone can easily access your website within a mobile phone.

Making Improvements To Your Website

Always keep in mind that if users do not get instant results, they leave your website. It indicates that loading page speed matters a lot in SEO. Failure to concentrate on your page load speed can decrease the dwell time, increase your bounce rate, and trim the most viewed number of pages. It is necessary to fix your page load speed that finds less than 80%.

No doubt, SEO for eCommerce is not as difficult as you think. A little effort can help to drive traffic to your website. AZ Digital Marketing is an eCommerce digital marketing agency that knows how to do SEO for online stores and drive organic traffic to a website. 

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