How Search Engines Like Google and Bing Work?

Being an SEO enthusiast, you might always be looking for a question “how search engines like Google and Bing work?” Different SEO experts answer such questions differently. Being a reputable SEO agency, we’re going to explain some points to elaborate on how these search engines work.
Currently, there are dozens of internet search engines but we’ll be focusing on two powerful web search engines such as Google search engine and bing search engine. Before going into further details, let’s take a look at the primary functions of the best search engine.

take a look at the primary functions of the best search engine.

  • Crawl: searches the internet/website URL for the content.
  • Index: store the content of a particular website and add in a database to be displayed against relevant query or keyword.
  • Rank: Display the best content for relevant queries and organize the best one top with perfect order.

Confused about these terms? Let me discuss this briefly:

Search Engine Crawling:

The best search engine such as Google search engine or Bing search engine activates a robots’ team. The robots are also known as spiders or crawlers that search content. Content can be of any form such as video, images, webpage, PDF, audio, etc
Every search engine ensures that their bots crawl a website, index it, and rank it.

Search Engine Index:

Search engine crawlers gather information and store it in the database. Google and Bing have their database to store content and serve the best content to their searchers or web browsers.

Search Engine Ranking:

Bing or Google search website gives importance to keywords or phrases that are most entered in google and bing search engine. Further, if a particular indexed link has utilized certain keyword for the suggested number of times then it’s more likely to get ranked on top spots of search engine results.
The Search Engine Results are placed in perfect order. Google reviews several factors to rank a particular website in Google Search Engine Results.

Why are you not appearing in Search Engine Results?

There are several reasons, your website may not be getting ranked. Our SEO consultants pointed out these important reasons for not showing up in search results.

  • Your website may be new and search engine crawlers are yet to crawl your website.
  • You haven’t linked your website to/from any other website published online.
  • There might be a problem with your website’s navigation which is stopping crawlers or spiders to crawl your website.
  • Your website may be blocking search engine crawlers from crawling your website.
  • The search engine might have put a penalty on your website.

Others Thing That Allow you to guide Web Search Engine:

Being a website owner, you’ll always have an authority to control crawlers either crawl or don’t crawl your websites. If we talk about the Google search engine, there are important files that need to be uploaded into your website’s root directory.

Google gives more importance to certain files such as Robots.txt. This file is very important as you can control Google robots or restrict their access to certain pages on your website. Here is what you need to know about Robots.txt.


According to Google’s guidelines, the robots.txt file must be placed in the root directory of your website(s). For example, your website’s robots.txt file should look like this You can suggest which part of your website should be visible to your crawlers.  Moreover, you can also set the speed at which crawlers can crawl your website.

This is how Search engines like Google and Bing work. And, if you’re willing to consult with our SEO experts then get in touch with us to fix an appointment. AZ Digital Marketing Company will carry out white hat SEO techniques to display your business high in Google search engine and Bing search engine.

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